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We are Corentin Daudigny, founder and designer of Maison IAGU, a luxury lifestyle, A-gender and bespoke tailoring brand committed to sustainable practices and gender equality and Amy Lauren, VR filmmaker/artist working in the polar research community at the nexus between research, education and artistic practice. 


Together, we have created Project Sea Ice, a unique retail industry expansion plan to meet rising consumer demands for sustainable apparel and overcome the systemic challenges that inhibit retail businesses from scaling sustainably with design thinking and innovative approaches that alchemize from cross-pollination between Science, Art, Retail and Technology. 

We produce value—not waste—through design-driven products that 1) provide consumers with high end sustainable retail options; 2) eliminate waste and pollution; 3) keep products and materials in use; 4) regenerate natural systems; 5) employ efficient use of resources; 6) are made with local manufacturing & labor; 7) deliver more value by improving quality and performance; 8) call for active engagement and participation in the natural world.  

On September 9th, we premiered our Sea Ice Collection at New York Fashion Week. The Sea Ice Collection, which started out as an education & public outreach project merging climate science and sustainable fashion education, tells the story of the diminishing Arctic sea ice cover through fabric pattern and garment design. We created the Sea Ice Collection to inspire collective action and shift the conversation about Climate Change away from environmental doomism towards the beauty of all there is still left to save. 

Project Sea Ice is a research and development model to enter new markets anchored in local sustainable practices, educate consumers about the environmental and human rights violations of the Fast Fashion industry, raise awareness about brand consciousness, reorient consumer habits towards sustainable practices and provide consumers with high end sustainable retail options. 

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